ILA LOCAL1411 New London Connecticut


Port of New London April Ship Schedule


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Ship * Rolldock Storm Tentatively Scheduled * 30 April


If You are Working in New London with ILA Local 1411 Click on the picture and fill in the boxes that have * then hit Send. If you would like to support Local 1411 fill in the information and hit send. Thanks for your support as we fight Orsted for our rightful jurisdiction to jobs at the Port of New London. Together in Solidarity God Bless the ILA Worker


22 April All set for ILA Labor at the Terminal at the Port of New London. Have a Safe Work Day .

Phase 2 will begin soon. Work will be very slow until the end of April when Phase 2 begins. There will be a Seniority list used during Phase 2

Together in Solidarity God Bless the ILA Worker


Southfork Wind Farm load out is Completed. There is a sign up sheet in the Gateway trailer to sign up for snow and ice terminal work. Click on the picture , fill in the boxes and hit send, let Governor Lamont know you support ILA jurisdiction of the Port of New London.

Click HERE To Post Your Availability(does not mean there is work for you) for Daily and Ship Work ==>

All day is the total length of the work day, AM until lunch only, PM is afternoon or evening shift. Midnight if you are willing to work over night

Thanks everyone for signing up


In Order to Work at the Port of New London You Need :

TWIC Card or Appointment, Steel or Composite Toe Work Boots that Cover your Ankle, OSHA and Rigging Training Provided by Gateway

I9 Paperwork must be completed and Uploaded to ADP